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We understand that no two persons are completely alike, but we must all work harmoniously towards our passions so that the world and its citizens can function and develop optimally. Here at Addae, we operate child care centres, youth-focused group homes, and license home daycares that align with our vision, policies, and procedures.

The management team brings over 20+ years of corporate experience, from serving on the leadership teams of global corporations to membership on directors' boards. The staff also come from a variety of child care backgrounds such as: child and youth care workers, child counselors, youth program leaders and church ministers.

Our educational programs are rich in activities that focus on the child to help them unleash their potential so they can be the best version of themselves and pursue their passions in life. To do so, we strive to know the child, their interests, skills, talents, and intellectual level so we can prepare an individualized education plan that prepares the child for their future. Our youth group care program focuses on stabilization, building independence, and reuniting children with their families.

We at Addae, understand the complex nature of children and are well-equipped to deal with children who are disposed to giftedness, learning disabilities, mental health and or exhibit complex behaviors.

it takes a community to raise a child

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Relationships among children, families, staff, and community partners are an important aspect of the core values at Addae. Therefore, our care providers foster collaborative and cooperative relationships among our partners. We strive to promote a sense of belonging for children and their families in our programs by creating positive interactions and collaboration. We understand that relationships of trust are the basis for learning and co-operation.



We believe that providing a seamless link between the home and daycare environments are crucial for every child’s healthy growth and development. We involve parents, guardians and resource persons in various events and activities at our programs. This connects them to their children's early development and enhances the child's learning. In addition to the daily interaction with Providers, we offer many opportunities for parent feedback and to share information about the child that may affect learning for that day and involvement.

meet our professional team

We are built on the strength of our people. In every region where we operate, our local leaders guide the mission, drive the vision and uphold our collective beliefs.

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Handles most of the administrative duties, including but not limited to; answering enquiries, the registration/ admissions process of children and providers, and overseeing police record checks.

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Holds the licenses issued by the Ontario Government. Is responsible for the management of the child care centres, the youth group homes, the home child care agency, training, and compliance audits.

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An employee of Addae who provides support, monitors each premises and is responsible to the operations team.

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In charge of the children receiving care at our premises. Addae screens, trains, approves and monitors providers with whom it has established contractual agreements to provide child care.

Addae carefully screens care providers, their families (where applicable), and frequent guests (where applicable) at each care premises. Providers undergo a thorough assessment and evaluation process and are contractually obligated to:

  • Undergo and pass a vulnerable sector police record check.
  • Complete a detailed assessment and interview to demonstrate their child care competencies and philosophies.
  • Pass an in-depth character reference check and home assessment (where applicable).
  • Provide a physician's health report.
  • Complete a minimum of 2 continuing education/workshops or professional development courses per year.
  • Maintain standard first-aid and infant/child CPR certification.
  • Complete EpiPen® training annually.
  • Participate in Addae issued training, workshops, conferences and seminars.
  • Annually review policies and procedures or when revised.
  • Welcome and participate in random audits and inspections.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is holistic.

We have a SKEUW'd educational philosophy which means we develop Skill, Knowledge, Education, and Understanding to build Wisdom and follow the Addaeshan educational philosophy.

We Children's mental health is a priority at Addae. As such, all programming considers and integrates therapeutic practices.

We believe all children are unique and contribute to society in different ways, as such Individual education plans are created for each child and is an outline for a fun and engaging learning experience based on expressed interests and core learning principles.

Addae is licensed by the Ontario government and ensures all child care facilities are safe and above standards and quality care is standardized throughout all locations by ensuring care providers complete a robust training regiment.

we can also assist you to fulfil your potential

Whether you're looking to become a child care provider, share in our robust education curriculum that focuses on developing a child's intrinsic abilities, or start your own entrepreneurial journey by opening your own daycare or homeschool, we can help.

See our careers and training page for more information on our variety of programs and how to;

  • access our curriculum
  • access our training courses
  • apply for a rewarding career

we also give back to the community

We sponsor a variety of community activities and programs that are focused on enhancing the wellbeing of our children and youth. In addition, we provide grants to those who are pursuing education as an early childhood educator, child and youth care worker, social worker or equivalent. Contact us for more information.

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