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exceptional care for those who care the most

benefits that benefit and Are Totally rewarding

Addae believes in healthy living and work/life balance. As such, we integrate a staff care plan that includes health and wellness benefits, a total rewards program and individualized care and growth plans for employees, based on their personal goals, into our business model.


  • Dental care
  • Extended healthcare
  • Vision care
  • Employee life insurance


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Meal plan
  • Sick and personal days
  • Vacation days
  • Supportive social, emotional and physical work environment
  • Educational programs / Lunch & Learns

Conditions apply

what makes it a great place to work; care

In addition to employee benefits, we have a performance-based total rewards program that rewards staff that provide a high level of care to the children in their care and or perform exceptionally at their job in accordance with their job description.

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Mentorship and training

Departmental / role transfers

Support to start own care facility

Grants / tuition reimbursement

Transferable skills building

Performance awards

Employee anniversary



Performance based raises

Employee share program

Family gatherings


Outings and events

Conditions apply

be equipped.

increase confidence and provide quality care

Addae is licensed by the Ontario government and ensures all child care facilities are safe and above standards and quality care is standardized throughout all locations by ensuring care providers complete a robust training regiment.

Interested in obtaining training from Addae in our training Addaeshan Educational philosophy, or in our methods for providing quality care, contact us!

exceptional care for both providers & children

we take care of our providers, so THEY can take care of others.

We like our care providers stress-free!

  • Addae manages the policies, procedures, curriculum, toys and themes* for the home daycares
  • Meals are prepared and delivered to child care premises*
  • Care providers are provided daily backup relief, summer students and vacation relief*
  • Attend training, conferences, and seminars

and our children:

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Rich in Potential




love children? Love empowering? love nurturing?

ready to start your own licensed child care program?

Let us help you get set up and start referring children to your home!

Our systems take the management out of daycare so you can focus on what you love; raising children that are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential!

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We are here to support you

With Support and Mentorship:

Addae has an intense onboarding program for setting up your business. From accounting to hiring to implementing the curriculum and advice for running your business; by partnering with Addae you are tapping into a wealth of knowledge to run your business profitability and efficiency.

With Community and Connectivity:

You are not alone in this journey, connect with other Addae Providers talk candidly, share ideas and partner to support the growth and development of each other's business(es).

With a Structured Program and Curriculum:

Is writing curriculums not your strength? Addae has an enriched learning program and a strong philosophy that you can feel confident in implementing in your home(s).

As one Team Pursuing One Common Purpose:

All our staff are dedicated in securing our future by raising exceptional future leaders now.

This is my world, i am supported

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